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Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have expressed their enthusiasm to build a permanent business at Wrexham following their promotion to League Two, claiming they want to be with them for ‘the rest of our lives’.

rexham This season saw positive results for both investments in the Welsh club, recently returned to the English Football League after a 15-year absence.

Since taking over the club from the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust in February 2021, Reynolds and McElhenney have made significant investments in infrastructure and worked on strengthening the squad under manager Phil Parkinson.

Reports suggest that his spending has exceeded £10m.

During an interview on the Fearless In Devotion podcast, McElhenney responded to critics that he believed the pair would eventually tire of the club.

“I find it fascinating that there are people who believe it can ever be boring in any stretch of the imagination,” he said.

“Everything we’ve done and felt in the last two and a half years doesn’t exist in our world – or any world I can think of. So being bored will never be on the list of things to be.

“But I also think any whining or criticism that we might get, which by its very nature isn’t constructive or helpful in any way, is generally just a reflection that someone in their lives through how they feel about themselves or something they might be.”

Looking ahead, Wrexham will look to further strengthen their squad in the upcoming summer transfer window in order to challenge for promotion to League Two next season.

Reynolds has expressed his ambition to guide Wrexham to the Premier League, admitting that his involvement in football has become an ‘addiction’.

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Reynolds said, “We don’t pretend that it’s just salad days. It’s a journey. It’s making sure that everything we do as stewards of this club, at all costs, we don’t stop or avoiding retreat.”

“It can happen sometimes, at least when I’ve seen other clubs, you can get into this cycle where you’re keeping your head above water.

“So we’ve always wanted to make that arduous march forward, not just as a club but as a community, and Rob and I love Wrexham as much as two human beings can love anything on this planet. “

Addressing rumors about his failed attempt to persuade the former Real Madrid and Wales star Gareth Bale In coming out of retirement and playing for Wrexham, Reynolds and McElhenny stressed their commitment to building a sustainable business.

“From the beginning, we’ve been talking about what our short-term strategy is and what our long-term strategy is because we’ve always said we want to build a sustainable business.”

Reynolds echoed this sentiment, stressing that his actions were aimed at ensuring the club’s long-term sustainability, saying: “Everything we’ve done since we arrived has been to make sure for whoever comes – and hopefully it’s for the rest of us.” Our Life – We are building a sustainable business. Whatever this may mean in the future, who’s to say?

“almost the next day [after the club’s promotion], I was very excited to find out what lay ahead for the club, which I am proud to say and I am very sorry to say because I should have enjoyed the moment, which I did. But I’m very excited to replicate that feeling as much as possible and continue to grow, grow, grow and deliver as much as possible.

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