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Chelsea midfielder Erin Cuthbert admitted she was not able to do the ‘best part’ of her game in the Women’s FA Cup final against Manchester United until a tactical twist and substitution swung the game 1-0. Contributed to a tough fight with. win.

United were the better team in the opening 45 minutes but Millie Turner and Leah Galton failed to capitalize on several chances. Alessia Russo also missed a great chance towards the end of the game.

But, early in the second half, Blues boss Emma Hayes turned things around when she brought on both Pernille Harder and Sophie Ingle. The system went from a 4-2-3-1 to something more similar to a 4-4-2, with Harder supporting Sam Kerr and eventually turning the game into his inside channels.

It was the kind of movement that set up Kerr’s winning goal and created other Chelsea chances.

“We are used to pressure in different sports and we have European experience,” Cuthbert said.

“We know what to expect and we know that football can change so quickly and it’s all about momentum – we just needed one moment in the game and when we got that goal we were absolutely We were the better side, we started controlling the game and managed time well.

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“During the second half we made some tactical adjustments in formation. [United] were exploiting our spaces too much [in the first half], Ella Toon had a lot of freedom to hit the pitch, so we had to be a bit tighter and narrower. It allowed us to put pressure and allowed me to be more aggressive, to get closer [to the ball] And really tackled because in the first half it felt too far away, I didn’t play the best part of my game.

Reflecting on the instructions given to him upon arriving at the match with Harder, Ingle said it was a matter of coming in and ‘cool’.

,[United] definitely fresher [in the first half]We showed that the way we were pressing because we were closing it out a bit,” the Wales international said.

“Parneil Harder was a great addition for us and he’s got the legs to run back – I think that’s what we were lacking in the first half. Sam would get deep and win flick-ons, but nobody really at the end of it Was reaching

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