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Afterwards Hitch Capacity for search and rescue organizations save lives in the Mediterranean, the Italian authorities have now passed a Law restricting the rights of those who manage to reach its shores.

named after a terrible shipwreck In which more than 80 people died in the cut-throat march of the government. became Law last week. Far from offering a rational, humane response to the increase in people crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe, the new law doubles down on the government’s focus on prevention and criminalisation.

The government pushed for legislative changes by introducing them through a emergency decree measures And Limiting Parliamentary Oversight When the decree was converted into law. Right organizations expressed concern over the use of extraordinary procedures by the far-right government in Italy and Announcement of one emergency situation earlier this month to respond to long-standing structural issues like migration.

in the new law Horrible Effects on migrants’ rights, including their ability to seek protection, access proper asylum procedures, and enjoy freedom of movement. The Italian Parliament’s own legislative committee flagged that a provision in the law that limits the right appeal Thrown light on This may be unconstitutional.

law will likely Construction It is difficult for people to get “special protection” (special proteins,, A temporary but renewable right to reside in Italy on humanitarian and family grounds. Under the new law, migrants will no longer be able to convert special protections into work permits: a change likely to increase the number of undocumented workers in Italy.

The law limits people to be detained pending deportation from a maximum of 120 days to a maximum of 135 days and introduces a new process to detain asylum seekers at the border for up to four weeks while their claim is processed for a new one. processed under. Expedited border process. Also, law removes access For important services in the first reception centres, such as psychosocial support, legal information and language courses.

comes against the backdrop of the law increasing discriminatory speechcriminalizing aid to migrants, and CONTINUING Cooperation with Libya, where migrants face abuse, UN describes crimes against humanity,

The deaths at sea and the repressive measures are a genuine emergency. Italy must reverse course and ensure respect for humanitarian and human rights for sea crossings.

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