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Thirty more people have recently died in the Mediterranean due to Europe’s brutal migration policies at sea. The tragedy comes just two weeks after Italian authorities failed to come to the rescue of a boat in distress 150 meters off the Italian coast near Crotone. people over 81, including 33 childrendrowned as a result.

On 11 March Italian, Maltese and Libyan officials were alert Emergency hotline alarm phone to the location of 47 people trapped in a wooden boat in dangerous weather conditions in international waters.

at that time the boat was within the vast Libyan Search and Rescue AreaIn an effort to avoid the establishment of which Italy and the European Union insisted duties under international law To rescue stranded migrants in distress and land them safely. Instead, the area facilitated their interception by the offending Libyan Coast Guard and return to Libya, where they were to face gross and systematic human rights violations,

Below International Conference on Maritime Search and RescueThe Libyan authorities are responsible for coordinating the rescue in that area, but if unable to do so, the nearest coastal states considered a safe destination (in this case Italy and Malta) also have a duty to intervene.

for 27 hoursItalian officials not only refused to intervene But Nearby ships were instructed not to do the same and to liaise with the Libyan authorities. despite receiving patrol boats and millions of euros From Italy and the European Union, the disgraced Libyan Coast Guard failed to come to the rescue. only 17 people survived When the boat finally capsized.

This is only the latest tragedy caused by Italy and the European Union’s willful breach of their duties under international law, criminalization And humanitarian rescue shipsAnd a comprehensive cooperation With Libyan authorities intercepting and returning migrants and refugees to Libya.

As long as Italy and other EU member states and institutions stop assisting the Libyan authorities in their abusive operations, humanitarian rescue ships are allowed to actually carry out rescue operations, canceling the Libyan search and rescue zone. If they give in, and launch state-led search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean, they will share responsibility for more deaths at sea.

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