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Some of the most fashionable sunglasses in the world come directly from sporting backgrounds.

The necessity of aerodynamic, protective and functional eyewear across different sports has contributed to the creation of some iconic frames, lenses and styles over the years.

Many designs have been adopted by some of the world’s biggest stars, and different sports have generated different stars in eyewear fashion.

Oakley, for instance, rose to prominence in creating polarised sunglasses to help protect wearers from UV rays and debris in sports like mountain biking, skiing and golf.

Because these outdoor sports require wearers to stay protected against the sun, different coloured tints were introduced in a move that kept wearers looking good and safe from damaging their sight.

The style quickly became popular in the world of fashion, with sporty designs becoming commonplace when out and about in social settings.

Oakley isn’t the only brand to excel in creating sports eyewear that became synonymous with fashion.

Nike’s sunglasses range, designed for runners, and sports goggles for basketball and football players has also struck a chord with the fashion world.

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