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Whether you are someone that is brand new to the gym and training, or simply getting back into things, this 4 day split will provide a solid structure for your workouts.

We have used this split for years, and with the exception of changing one or two exercises here and there it’s been very reliable and breaks things down into constituent parts.

So for us, this is the best four-day workout split out there, although feel free to share others in the comments.

Why Split your Workouts into Body Parts?

So its been long debated whether overtraining is really a thing, but it makes sense that if your muscle is exhausted and fatigued, it needs time to rest and repair, and therefore grow.

So it’s pretty obvious why one would split workouts into body parts; to allow one part of the body time to rest and recover whilst working on another one… but for more clarity –

Here are the 4 main reasons to split your workout into body parts;

  1. Target specific muscle groups

    By focusing on a specific muscle group (or two) during a workout, you can ensure that those muscles receive enough stimulation for growth – or at least a decent amount of stimulation that gives you the best chance of growth.

  2. Prevent overtraining: (yup, there it is)

    By working different muscle groups on different days, you can avoid overworking any particular muscle group, which can lead to injury or flogging a dead horse, or exhausted muscle. The idea is that they can’t grow whilst they are all bashed up from working them out.

  3. Allow for rest and recovery

    When you work out a specific muscle group, it needs time to recover, rebuild and GROW MF. By targeting different muscle groups on different days, you allow each muscle group enough time to rest and recover.

  4. Efficient use of time:

    By splitting your routine into separate body parts, you can target different muscle groups and get a full-body workout over the course of a week without spending too long in the gym each day. 45 mins preferably but this is down to what you want to do. I want to work out and get out.

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