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Egypt has produced some of the most talented athletes and sportspeople in North Africa, and it has a history of success in several international competitions.

Egypt has won the African Cup of Nations seven times. The country has also hosted numerous international events, including the World Men’s Handball Championship and the African Cup of Nations.

50% of people in Egypt enjoy watching sports on television and online streaming services.

Around 40% of Egyptians also love attending sporting events as spectators.

In this article, read about the most popular sports in Egypt, including key players and important moments in Egyptian sporting history.


Football is the most popular sport in Egypt.

Egyptians play football everywhere, from the bustling streets of Cairo to the country’s remote villages. People of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds play football.

In addition, Egypt’s national football team, also known as the Pharaohs, has millions of fans throughout the country.

Likewise, the domestic league, or Egyptian Premier League, is highly competitive. Teams such as Zamalek and Al Ahly have a substantial fan base.

These two clubs have millions of fans. Al Ahly has 25 million fans, while Zamalek has 10 million fans.

Egypt was the first African country to participate in the World Cup, in 1934. The national football team also won the African Cup of Nations three times in a row in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

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